'Richie' the Main Coon: “My wish list 😻 for Xmas: 1.Treats 2.Toys 3.My little brother next to me.”

Christmas Cat GIF • 'Richie' the Maincoon : My wish list for Xmas: 1.Treats 2.Toys 3. My little brother next to me [ok-cats.com]
“Yep, I’ve started to make my fluffy wish list and your cat?” 😺
“Oh you look adorable boys! My wish list? Just to see more 'Richie' and 'Tomie'. Your such gorgeous & fluffy boys.” 💛 💗 💕
“I thank my mum for bringing my little lion brother home this year. We play together all the time, sleep together and cuddle.” 🦁 😻
“They are so cute width their Santa outfits! 🎅 Santa Claus will bring everything you want Richie! Tomie is so sweet.” 😻
[Video @richie_the_mainecoon]
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