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Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Santa Cat • Hilarious ginger cat can't shake off his Santa hat, haha! 😂

Christmas Cat GIF • Hilarious! Funny cat confused by his lil Santa hat []
“What the hell is that thing? Take it off!”
“What is that lil red sh*t, human? Get off my head! Geeeeet oooofffff!!!”
“Bae when a spider is on her head!”
[Video: Kyoot Animals]

Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Crazy Christmas cat • OMG, cat gone wild, playing hard with Xmas ornaments 😅

Christmas Cat GIF • Happy cat playing hard with decoration under Xmas tree, haha []
“Hallelujah, It's Xmas again.”
“Catnip overdose?”
“Fast, furrious and crazy cat!”
“I think your clumsy cat needs glasses.”
[Video @Tran Thanh Tam]

Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Funny Christmas cats • Naughty cat knocks over pink Christmas tree! Instant Karma 😂 (2 GIFs)

Cat GIF • Naughty Cat knocks over pink Christmas tree because he thinks it's a ridiculous tree! []
-“Ugly and ridiculous COLOR, their Xmas tree must die!”
•“You right Bro, finish it!”
•“Purrfect, our job here is done...” 😸
[Video @kabosumama]

Christmas Cat GIF • Instant Karma! Cat knocks over pink Xmas tree! Are you OK - NO! []
“Are you OK?”
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