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Sunday, May 26, 2019

Cool cat chilling in a busy street. "Humans, you can pet me."

Amazing cat  GIF • Cool cat chilling in a busy street and cat lovers stop to pet him
"This is so sweet. Love how chilled the cat is on that busy street and how good cat lovers stop to pet it."
"Yep, the people who stopped to pet her are the best!"
"Cool cat be like: I'am the Sphinx, praise me hoomans."
"I wish the cat will find a good home."
"I will bring u home if I’m there."

Sunday, May 26, 2019

Face massage. Kitty is in heaven: kneading, purring and twitching

Cute  Kitten GIF • Sweet face massage. Kitty is in heaven Kneading, purring vibrating
"I love the way his tiny back feet shake when your rubbing his tiny face. So cute baby."
"Look at those footsies wiggling gals"
"Gaaaah he’s vibrating!"
"Me when I get a massage 😂
"Aww I will steal your adorable kitty."
"So cute bless it."
[Source: cyXie | RD]

Sunday, May 26, 2019

Purrfect 'cat logic': "This place belong to me, OK human?"

Hilarious Cat GIF • Cat in bathroom This place belong to me this is my bed room! Just Cat logic :)
"This is my bed room."
"1...2...3...4.. Knocking things over is my job."
"I told you this my territory hooman!"
"Creating your own space. Well done kitty."
"My cat behaves the same hehe."
"Funny and clever cat"
"Usual practice of my cat."
"What an (adorable) jerk!"
"Lógica de los gato, jajaja: "Vuelvo todo mierda por mi comodidad.

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