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When a silly RC helicopter attacks a Cat the end is near!

Don't mess with cats, they're killers, OK?

Captioned Cat GIF • Cute Kitten trying hard not to fall asleep

“NOOOOO!”. Do NOT want, I'm not tired, just resting my eyes

Cinemagraph • Thirsty Cat drinking fresh water from faucet

Serious Cat is serious. Do not disturb please.

Cat domination. 2 clever cats know how to ring the bell to order their treats. “Faster, slave!”

“OK, it's PAWesome and funny, but...did this human train the cats to ring a bell to get treats or...did the cats train a human to give treats when he hears a bell?” “It definitely makes you wonder who trained who here, the cats or the owner, hehe?” [Video: b_ru_ru]