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Funny Cat dressed up as policeman. “DEAL WITH IT”

“NO...NO...NO... stupid hooman, DO NOT WANT!” “F**k this cap and don't mess with me dude, I'm NOT a døg!” “Por qué prefiero los gatos a los perros. Porque un gato nunca será policia!” “Cats NEVER are cops! Come on! They are cats and they know good things!” [Unedited video @my_furry_babies]

Cat slowly massaging another cat like a professional masseuse

“Aaaaarghhh, I like it honey, please don't stop.”

Trippy Cat - high on Catnip - wearing psychedelic sunglasses

“I feel good dude, I'm flying on “Green and purple Airlines.” [Unedited cat picture by Andy Prokh ©, photographer]

LiKE A BOSS (Yes, your cat is your Boss)

Don't forget: day and night – 24/7 – your Cat is judging you...