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Neymar Jr Cat purrfectly juggling a soccer ball, like his human

“Amazing Kitty, and in addition, It's a purrfect Infinite Loop!”

BOOM! Amazing Ninja Kitty pouncing on camera man

“What? The f*ck you just say about Persian Kitties?” “Hit cat takes out the paPURRazzi!” “This must be what it's like for the guards in Assassin's Creed.” “Sneaky kitty delivers very cute jump scare!.” “Cats are natural-born hunters. They are curious by nature and have highly developed predator skills written in their DNA. This ball of fluff is living proof of what cuteness overload turning into a high speed sneak attack looks like!” [ Video @kitten_puchi]

Incredible! 35 flashing black cats in the Christmas tree

Purrfect Christmas ornaments for Crazy Cat Lady 😹