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I'm so close to heaven ♪ ♫ I believe I can fly ♪♫

A new Cat breed ► 'Fearless cats' who are not afraid of anything! They will amaze you 😱 “WHAT? We're breaking the rules: no fear, f*ck Gravity and we don't get dizzy because Cats!”

Cinemagraph • Majestic black cat under white snow

“I like white snow on my black fur.” “I'm FA-BU-LOUS!” [ Video @rina_takei] 

05:00:01 AM. One second passed breakfast time and SLAP! “Wake up lazy hooman!”

“Yep, me and my cat at 5.30 this morning!” “Ouch! Someone told me their kitten removes the eye sleeping mask off their face in the morning, haha, rude.” “Looks like the little fur baby started the nip early.” :/ “Wow! My cat just sits and stares at me until I get up...thank God!” “So glad our cats don’t do that. 'Grumps' nips me in the morning at about 4:AM!” [ Video @yazminluv]