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Keep warm kitty! “OK Mom, I'm ready for winter.”

“Kitty leg warmers are so funny and cute.” “That look is priceless.” “That FACE! Someone doesn’t look happy.” “What are my humans doing to me?” “Looking at you saying get that silly hat off of me!” [Video @bonnienclydekitties]

“Ayeee, that cutie is dreaming about having a treat”

“Me when I dream of ice cream and cake.” “Me when I dream of BAE (french kiss).” 😋 [ Video @star_pawss]

Black spider on cat nose means crossed eyes and cute mini-tongue

“That's why my cat hates bugs.”

Funny kitten playing 'Jazz Hands' (MEME)

♪ ♫ Dancing Kittens are always funny ♫ ♪ [Unedited video: Chriztopher Stidwell]