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Caught in the act: blanket thief!

“Brilliant! He’s a strong kitty and very determined.” “The way he walks is too funny!” “I think he's not stealing the blanket, he's just trying to help clean the floor, haha.” [Video:]

That is one hairless BEAST. The agility, the skin, the ENERGY!

“This naked cat is freaking out like, “Where is my fur?” “Looks like a naked alien.” “Me when I’m naked and think somebody is watching me so I gotta be quick, hahaha!” [ Video @sphynx.nefa] 

Weird Yawn :/

It looks like a sneeze :) He is funny and ugly,  haha.

3 funny 'Peek-a-Boo' cats in action

And One...  and Two... and Three ► PEEK-A-BOO! [Unedited Video: p00kke]

At first I was blind...

... but then I smiled :)