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Those affectionate 💕 kitties that won’t let their mommy work

“They do so love to be helpful.” “Human please stop what you're doing! Don't you see that I am here and need your attention!” “Mom, your hand is my fav pillow WHATEVER, do you understand?” “When I fall asleep next to you.” [ Video @Aqin997]

When your kitty is a ferocious hunter, a terrifying predator!

“Look at that tiny butt wiggle.” ”The tiniest hunter.” “That itty bitty butt wiggle!” “Stretch in every step! Purrfectly learning to hunt.” “The cutest sneak attack by far!”

Psycho Siamese cat hates cameras and Paparazzi!

“GET OUT OF THERE! Do you understand, human? OUT!”

3D Wiggle GIF • Black Cat on couch stuck in a ball of wool

HALP hooman...can't move!

Hungry Cat and Golden Fish. There can be only one...

SOON… very soon… Om Nom Nom.