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Clumsy cat stuck under deep snow


When 'Princess' the cat needs attention

“'Princess' the cat overcomes the newspaper for some laptime. She's adorable!” “Pay attention to me, look at me, not your newspaper!” “Ooooh... I know this routine so well.”  [Video:]

Meet 'Deep Dish', the messiest Kitty EVER!

“So cute I think the little boy wants a white beard and mustache.” “'Deep Dish', I think you might have a little something on your face.” “The best part is the fact that you named him Deep Dish before even realizing how purrfectly that name fits!” “That kitten is me after every Thanksgiving, hahaha!” “What an adorable meat nursing mess. I guess on the plus side he's used to being cleaned up/bathed.” [Video: Kitten]

Cat with amazing multi-colored eyes is looking at you

“Human, you are all under my control right Meow.”

Zombie cat is back and wants to eat human brain

That awkward moment when you see a creepy cat in your kitchen!