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When your cat doesn't want to take a little wakl!

“Dragging the cat In.” “WHAT? l'm meditating.” “I'm not a døg and I told you I fuck*ng hate harnesses!”

Kitty dreaming about delicious ice cream

“I usually stick to what the vet said and give no human food, only her dry pellets, and wet meaty food. But a diet is also meant to be broken now and then. So we gave her a tiny amount of the only human food she will actually eat/lick, Ice cream and whipped cream. She gets super excited when she hears the whipped cream bottle opening. So when I saw her licking like that in her sleep, I thought she must be dreaming about Ice cream or cream...” [Video:]

“Wait for me, Mom, I’m coming with you.”

“So cute. My heart 💔 exploded. I'm going to scream.” “Cutest cat walk, I mean 'Kitty walk'.” [ Video @Swaairah]

Tiny Bengal Kitty dreaming he's a big white Tiger

NEW RESOLUTION: believe in yourself and never give up!

Deal with it Kitty. “NOPE, Do not want!”

“Don’t mess with me because cats have magic powers, OK?”

Cinemagraph • Cat stuck under snow

“HALP! I can just move my tail, my body is frozen!”