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💓 Cutest sleepy PURRito 💓

“Honey, your birthday present is ready.” “What a sweet little baby burrito!” “What a gorgeous little face: an angel, God bless her.” “Ahh what a cute little muffin.” “Little cutie warm and cosy.” [ Video @myfosterkittens] 

“What the heck goes on out here? I can't sleep!”

“It looks like an angry old man yelling at a bunch of kids to get off his porch.” “Come to bed babbbbeeeee, I'm hot.”

Weirdo and funny cat sticking his tongue out

'Mami' has a strange reaction to a party blowout :) [Video: Pinkie Poo]

Cinemagraph • Alf - “Looking for Lucky” (Do NOT disturb a sleepy cat)

“Wake up lazy Cat, I’m talking to you!” Zzzz... Zzzz... (No fucks given)

Weird cat yawning hard, haha

Very funny eyes and… retractable ears! 😂 [Unedited Video: Brie]

When your Cat sees you NAKED for the first time!

“Ha... ha... ha... ha... ha... ha...   you ridiculous human.”