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Don't mess with your cat, he's THE BOSS!

And the winner is 😾 “Finish her, she's a bad girl!” “Don't make cats angry.” “Karen’s first mistake was maintaining eye contact.” “Good jobbb. Get herrrrrr!” “I don’t mess around with kitties like that. Nope.” “That cat showed her who’s boss!” “At the end, slapping machine in action!”.

✳️ Sundays are best spent outside in winter wonderland ✳️

❄️ Let it snow let it snow let it snow ❄️ “So gorgeous Maine coon! Tiara is the snow Queen.” “So calming GIF to watch.” “Maine coons always just look so majestic.” [ Video @mainecoonqueens]

Shy cat playing Hide and Seek in the bathtub

Invisible... visible... invisible... visible

'Bunny' the Cat stealing fresh pancakes. Mmmm... delicious

“Thank you Human, all your food is mine, no limit.” [Video: Bunnyton]

When the catnip is stronger than your Cats expected!

Everything’s possible with catnip