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Surprise! Ginger cat smoothly jumps on bed

“SUP?” “Fast and furious silent cat.” “The most smooth jump.” “Floating cat: fuck gravity!” “Be right there.” 😼 “Well, hello there! I was in the neighborhood. How are you today?” “Super Cat. He needs a red cape!” “Howdy, I come to see you, lazy human.” [ Video @ pudding_meowmeow]

“OMG, what's that smell? I'm dyiiiiiing!”

“kitten.exe has stopped working.” “I've made a huge mistake.” “I think the stinky foot killed the innocent kitty.” “His tail looks like snake in agony, haha.” “Sniff... Ugh, that's horrible... I mean really, it's... It's... MURDER THE BAD SMELL, KILL IT KILL IT!” [Video:]

Catnip overdose. Trippy Cat is like a zombie, haha

“F*ck, I’m really high.”

2 crazy cats licking a golden barrel cactus!

Om Nom Nom  (OK, they mad 😵)

Top Model and her white Persian Cat

“Look at me kitty, do you love me?”