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Jump Jump Jump! Bonus: today he wipes the glass door

“When I see you on Sunday.” “This is Ginger when she wants to get her breakfast.” “Home exercise regimen.” “When you're teasing the neighbors cat because he’s stuck outside in the rain and you’re in a nice cozy heated room.” [ Video @butters_official]

11 hungry kitties! Morning rush hour in the kitchen

“So many kitties! So much cuteness!” “That is what you will see entering the gates of heaven.” “My future house.” “When mom says she made tacos for dinner.” “OMG! My dream house! I count 11 sweet babies.” “Awe that tiny kitten at the end. 'Hey, wait for me!'” [ Video @kitty_fostering_oz]

Epic fight. Crazy Cat chasing his own tail (good balance)

Excuse me: whatcha doin'? “Acrobat cat routine.” “The tail that keeps chasing me is mine, so I must catch it!” [Video: J. Taylor]

Cinemagraph • 2 'Shironeko cats' bobbing their head, one after another

Big Mac hat ballet: 'Chibi-bang' and 'Tyatora' turning head from left to right and from right to left, each in turn. [Unedited video:]

When Maru goes nuts over his new Cat toy

♪ ♫ Nothing can stop me now ♫ ♪

Acrobat cat doing the 'Cucumber dance'

“Let me seduce you cucumber, I'm vegan and I love you.”