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When your cat hates your music and your bass guitar!

“No one likes bass solos. Not even cats!” “This cat shares your love for bass players.” “HaHa. The cat face when he bits the thumb: Hooman STOP! ” “Dude, this is why yout must stop playing guitar, you're doing it wrong!” “Hahaha, that's bae when I try to play guitar on Saturday night.” []

“Hey baby, don't touch that indoor plant.“ SLAP!

“What... What just happened?” “When your parents say 'NO' to something you were excited about.” [Video:]

“You shall not pass Bro.” But suddenly Ninja cat strikes again!

Sarah: “I just wanted a video of my cats playing, and then...” “Nobody can stop them. Woah, this blew up!” “Unexpected Ninja skill, haha.” [Video: sarahjorden]

Meanwhile in 'Lizardkistan' ferocious laser lizards

... try to kill innocent Kitties. Cruel Game.

Cat's face plant. How to terrify your 3 cats at once!

Clumsy girl: *SHIT*

Playful Ninja cat jumping on top of door

And Boomerang effect. “Cats are so graceful.”