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“We love you little Bro and it's bath time.”

“Ohhhhh, wanna be the happy one in the middle.” “When you return to your house later of 4 days.” “it’s me and you loving our kid.” “It's a happy clean face.” “Oh my Lord, so happy and cute family.” “Don't stop, keep licking, I like it.”

Playful kitty having fun in the Mail escalator

“This cat is me trying to get through the working week.” “Well, not sure if it needs help or is having fun?!” “A purrfect metaphor for my fuck*ng life!” “That's better than going into the gym. Haven't thought of that exercise.” “When life’s not going your way literally.” 😂 “An accurate representation of my trying to pay my student loans off.”

'Coma-Nap' time: please do not disturb your cute sleepy kitty Zzzz... Zzzz...

“Monday morning, when you're sleepy and you have to go to school but you're too tired to give a single f*ck.” “I'm so exhausted Mom, I'm deaaaad...” [ Video @dobrotherandsister]

SFW • Please WAIT 5 seconds for boobs...

Surprise! Just 2 funny and cute Cats :) “Warm and cozy nest, isn't it?” “Not  SEXY, it was a trap!” 

Cat Prank • Funny 'Trompe-l'œil' effect

“You failed because I can see you, stupid hooman!”

Psycho Cat is psycho (... and dramatic)

He sees Zombies, Killers, Spies, Vandals and Cat haters everywhere!