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Like a Princess (purrfect weekend)

  “Yeah, this is what weekends should be!” “♪ ♫ Ooh yes, it's good to be the Queen, Ooh La La ♫ ♪” “A good bed, my beloved Teddy, drink & food and watching hilarious cat cartoons on tablet. What else?” “Each of my cats will get their own rooms like this.” “Me in bed right now with delicious snacks watching Netflix.” [ Video @kedikumbarasi]

“Okay mom, I think I'm clean now, calm down.“

“Haha that black spot will not come off no matter how hard you lick your tiny kitty!” “Whoa so excited mama cat.” “Daaamn girl! You overshowering this puurrty baby.” 😄 “Poor baby...reminds me of when I was a kid and my mom did my hair!” “Just like my Mom washing me in bath when I was 3.” “Sheesh, it's a miracle the little one's heid didn't come off with all this motherly love action.” [ Video @goldensteincattery]

Funny blue cat doing lazy yoga on couch

“What do you want hooman? Talk to my tail or to my hind paws.” [ Video @ bocatblue]

Cinemagraph • Star Trek Data Cat ‘Spot’

Impassive Lieutenant commander Data petting Spot, his nervous pet cat.

Flying Ninja cats doing amazing high fives on trampoline

Cats are awesome creatures, isn't it?

Cats startled by cucumbers in the supermarket for cats

Funny Commercial by NETTO, a famous German brand of hard discount. [Video: Netto-Katzen by nettotv]