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But how & why cats always land on their feet?! Whatever!

“OK alright, don't worry, I still have my 9 lives.” “Woooow! He's athletic as f*ck.” “HeHe, clumsy or graceful, they always land on 4 paws.” “Just keep walking like “Nothing happened.” "Like a Boss!” 😂 “I’m good human, it’s cool, nothing to see here.” “Zero fucks were given, life goes on.” 😸 Even more amazing! Reverse GIF with an incredible vertical double back flip! 😜

“Well, with such hunting skills my cat will not survive in the wild.” 😄

“Me trying to achieve my dreams.” “Dancing with the ping pong ball.” “Huge FAIL!” “Great example of MY cat reflexes.” 😳 “When your clumsy cat is so bad at being a cat, hahaha!” [ Video @robert_sijka]

“WHAT? Nothing to see here, nothing going on, just move along and mind your own business!”

“And you, my slave, don't move or I'll cut you!” [ Video : @Therealbombaysworld]

Bored rich cat: “Boat. I should buy a boat.”

At first he was sad and depressed  :(  But now he's happy, he finally bought his luxurious boat!  :) [Unedited GIFs: gifmovie + MuscleBrick via]

'Coby', famous white cat with hypnotic blue eyes

White fur + deep ocean blue eyes + natural eyeliner = Gorgeous Kitty! [Picture @cobythecat]