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Those 3 scared kitties don't look very welcoming, haha

Scared kitties: “WTF? Who are you?! What do you want?!” “Caution! It's an Extra-terrestrial!” Sphynx cat: “Hi girls, I'm Carl, I'm not an E.T., I'm just a hairless cat, don't be so afraid: why can't we be friends?” “They're like the Weird sisters from the new Sabrina show.” “3 ugly little monsters but so funny.”

That awkward moment when you realize your creepy cat is secretly plotting to... kill you!

“I love creeping on Mommy.” “OMG this reminds me of that doll horror movie.” “You cut my ears, hooman? So I'll cut you!” “Proof that WHiTE cats can be creepier than BLACK cats!” 😳 [ Video @adventuresofotitis]

Two angry cats boxing hard. The ultimate fight!

“Have TWO cats they said, it'll be fun they said and they're so cute and affectionate they said.” 😂

Winking cat is winking day and night ;)

Fluffy & gorgeous Persian Kitty with BIG round eyes :) “I have no idea what I'm doing.” [ Video @nikon.neko.official]

Don't mess with me purple mousie, I see you!

 “Gonna catch you, sooner or later.” (almost)