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“Don't laugh at me, it was intentional and purrfectly calculated.”

“When you are drunk but you try to keep your appearance and decency.” “Ninja cat was thirsty.” “How I deal with awkward situations.” “Cats are seriously clever and cool!” “Stop filming me Mom, nothing to see here.” [Video:]

Purrfect Hide and Seek (“No one will find me in here”)

'Loki' the Bengal cat opens dresser drawers, then climbs inside like a Ninja and finally shuts them like a boss: so agile and clever cat. [ Video @Loki the Cat]

Weird Cat(s) begging: “Please... Please... Feed me (us).”

Purrfect paranormal CATivity 😮 (3 in one)

Funny chubby walking back and forth

“I'm  SEXY  and I know it.”

Ginger cats chasing the Red Dot faster than the speed of light!

“Today we're going to catch you, fuck*ng Red dot!” (GoPro shooting) [Video: GoPro (Be a) Hero]