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Hungry cat catching hanging fish. Mission: impawssible

“Purrfect balance! Acrobat cat.” “Well, amazing cat but what I need to know is why there were fish hanging there?” “Pawesome balance: cats literally climb everywhere, any surface and shape just to climb it and then get down.” “Yes, he didn’t fall, he dropped because that was the fastest way down so he could run away and eat his catch.” “Predators cannot exist without prey. There’s nothing bad about what is happening, a cat is simply doing what it does. I’d imagine the fish would have perished anyway if they were caught up there.”

Grooming time. Amazing cats, funny reaction in sync

“Hey you, show me your papers!” “WHAT? We're innocent.” “When your hear your name in somebody else conversation.” [ Video @ameria33]

3D wiggle GIF • Bra cat: “WHAT?”

“Don't laugh at me, this is my new fort, a comfy one.” “I'm  SEXY   (and ridiculous) and I know it.”

Funny Cat sticking his tongue out

'Trompe-l'œil' effect? You're doing it right.

“It's time to go back home, it's the right thing to do.”

Gravity? What gravity, haha. One of many laws broken by our cats. “My people need me.” [ Video @Brachium]