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'Cat logic': when you have an easy problem, but you make it hardest!

“I love ♥ cats because they're such WEiRDOS!” “Me making my life more difficult by walking past the simple solution.” 😂 “They don’t want stuff handed over to them, they rather work for it.” “I will do everything in a very difficult and complicated way.” “Me when I do Maths.” 😏

“I'm dead!” (That wasn’t suppose to happen)

“Terrifying Nap Attack!” “Depressed Cat is depressed: he hates his poor life!” “Me, Friday afternoon after a hard week's work.” [Video: Sato]

Ninja Cats? When you see them coming...

Image's already too late!

Funny kitten BOOPing Mama cat's nose and then...

...doing crazy side rolls (retreat... retreat...) and playing dead Confused Mama Cat: “??? Whatcha doing baby, you mad?” “Kitty gone wild.” [ Video : @family_colin]

Hungry Persian kitten wants more delicious food!

MOOORE! MOOORE! MOOORE! [Unedited Video: sweetfurx4]