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Knock Knock! • “Who’s there?”

“When you're in the shower and hear a weir noise in the bathroom.” “When you hear your humans call someone else a cute kitty.” “Me checking to see if my problems are still there!” “When you tell me dinner is ready.” “When you hear your name in someone else's convo.” [ Video @bocatblue]

Cling film cat prank? Seriously?

A purrfect example of 'Instant karma', haha what a FAIL! Meanwhile in Italy: "Vuole fare uno scherzo al gatto ma le cose non vanno come previsto." [Video: ViralVideoItalia2]

Pregnant Crazy Cat Lady

Level ► EXPERT [Unedited GIF: gifmovie]

New L'ORÉAL shampoo for fluff kitties

“Because you’re worth it and...because Cat”