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/!\ Caution /!\ Our cats are evolving!

“Yep, and they'll learn how to use a cup soon.” “He even knows not to tap the pink hot !” “Smart cat go Mlem Mlem Mlem 😂” “Getting fresh water at 03:am after a night out.”

Meanwhile in Australia, amazing and clever 'Boomer'....

 ...uses his hing legs to push his skate by himself. “Damn, never ever seen a trained cat do that. Way cool and impressive!” [Video: CATMANTOO]

Cinemagraph • Weird woman with long hair blowing in the wind loves....

... sleepy Cat, BatCat and Hello Kitty 💕 [Unedited GIF by anonymous?]

Epic kitty jump Fail

WEEEE!!! ... (fail) ...  HOOO SHiT!