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Crazy playful kittens ► 3 cute little jumping beans

“These 3 kittens were excited to play with this amazing toy and jumping around like crazy.” “'Jumping beans' are almost synchronized. So funny and cute babies.” [ Video @Karaoke Vic]

When suddenly the microwave beeps to signals it's done...

...but you don't remember putting anything in it! 😕  (funny & huge ears) “When your heard someone knocking on the front door!” “When the microwave beeps to signals it’s done and you don’t remember putting anything in it!” “Scared Munchkin Meercat: who is there? Leave me alone or I call the Police!” [ Video @munchkin_minnie] Cute white MeerCat. Are you hungry or scared? [ Video @goyanggy] 

Cute tiny kitty playing with her new toy

“ playful and adorable little kitty.” 😘 “This is why I need a tiny kitty- such fun!” “Bloody 💔 cute!” [ Video @catfriends1004]

Little 'Ohana' enjoying a sweet cheek massage

“Aww...fluff sweetie, this little nose and beautiful eyes, so cute.” [ Video @utamaruru今度はお花の番]