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Kitten wrestling. Epic fight between 2 adorable Ragdoll kitties

“The cutest fight ever.” “Battle of the cotton balls!” “Does this remind you of a scene in a certain Disney Movie?!” 😂 “The little one in the background getting woken up.” “The cutest thing I saw today ❤️ ” [ Video @flowerbabyragdolls]

OK kitty, well done, now we know why the MotoGP riders crash!

“STOP! You shall not pass!” “Power of the CAT paw.” “This is why I don’t let my cat sitting in front of the TV.” “Your cat is a mystical creature.” “GOTCHA! Silly human and silly mechanical sport on 2 wheels! That's enough, I want cat cartoons.”

Amazing cat working out like human, hehe

1....2  ~  1....2  ~  1....2 Purrfect workout for thighs and legs. [Video: jackson]

OMG, It's raining Pizzas and ginger cat with sunglasses is hungry

“I fuck*ng love pizza, do you understand?” “My summer: sea, sex, sun and pizzas.” [Unedited GIF by unknown?]

How to wake up a lazy cat in one step with salmon!

“The best wake up call!” “How Much Power in the nose.” 😂 “It works with a fresh shrimp!” “Those blue eyes.” “He's like: Zzzzz.... *Sniff Sniff* Is that...SALMON?!” “Ha ha ha, get the same reaction from me if you wave a piece of chocolate cheesecake under my nose.” [ Video @jawothecat]

Psychedelic colorful cat wearing magic sunglasses

Very proud cat. In ancien Egypt, Cats were considered Gods and they haven't forgotten this. [Original picture by Andy Prokh ©, photographer]