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Excuse me, are you sleeping or meditating?

Grumpy cat: “WHAT?” “Nothing…nothing…”

Bwahahaha! Ring my bells 🔔 🔔 Ring my bells 🔔 🔔

“Shake it baby 🍒” “WTF iiis thiiis hooomaaan?” “Such a  SEXY  cat, haha!” “Kitty little berries experiencing a minor shake." “Shakin those fluffy nuggets.” “Goooood viiibbbssss!” “I laughed so God damn hard at this.” 😂 [ Video @junjun_jjj]


“BOOM! 💣 I just exploded from cuteness overload.” “When you used to love snuggling with me.” “I think I'm crying.” “Hug me Mom, I need your love!” “How cute and cuddly: happy family.” “A cute kitty being cute, that's what I need.”  [ Video @fangsfosters] “Mama, how much do you love your baby 'Coco'?” “A LOT!” ------------------------------ “Kitty, do you l♥ve this Kitten- PURRito ?” “Yeaaaah, he’s my beloved new baby!” ------------------------------ “So freaking cute Mama Cat.” “Aww… I have never seen a mama cat with her kitten like this before.” “Look at that little bean burrito oh mah goooonnnessssss!”   [ Video @youngestoldcatlady]

Silly RC helicopter attacks quiet cat: counter attack and huge explosion!

And you won new sunglasses: DEAL WHIT IT.

Jump FAIL Clumsy cat trying to catch the red dot on the wall

Back and forth 😮 [Video: Tiger Funnies]