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WTF? Cat mesmerized by a crazy cat dancing on the church altar

“Are you nuts? We're in a church not in a nightclub!”

First they steal our hearts, then our beds and now, our shoes!

“Getting dressed up is so much work, but I can do it and now your new shoes are mine.” [ Video]

Polite kitten: “My beloved baby, I give you back your left sock because....

...I finished playing with it for today. Thank you so much.Well, see you tomorrow.” 😂

Adorable ❤️ tiny kitty doing the cutest catwalk

“OMG, the tail is like an antenna.”   “ the cuteness scale.” “That funny tail.” “That is the sweetest thing I’ve seen in a while.” [ Video @fluffy_nerfs]

Funny cat hidden in his NARROW cardboard box, hugging his beloved fish toy

“Close the door please, I need privacy.” “This fish is mine!” “We need a couple of those fish toys.” “So cute kitty: I would package him up and take him home with me.” [ Video @Douying]