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“Do you like my new yoga pose?” 'Mia', you’re nuts!

“Her butt is literally a heart.” 💗 “I think I just found a new pose to add to my yoga routine...” “I love how her fuzzy little bum is in the shape of a heart of course it needs to be shown off.” “This funny flexible cat with a heart in her butt makes my day.” [ Video @miathethumbcat]

Amazing! Cat and kangaroo are best friends

“The funny kangaroo just wants to make friends with a lazy cat and give his feline friend a tickle.” “Let me scratch your head, I know that you like it, kitty.” [Video: Paul Cesnik]

When you're exhausted AND thirsty

“My cat does the same thing! I worry he'll drown if he falls asleep.” 😋 “When you’re drunk but trying to stay hydrated.” “My cat would love a bowl he could rest on haha.” “This is how tired I am eating breakfast everyday.” [ Video @lotus_the_mainecoon]

Obi Wan strikes again

Floating kitty and then, Rocket Cat!