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WOAH, what a goal! Black kitty playing soccer better than Messi + Ronaldo + Neymar 👍👌

“Oh My GOD GOAL! That's so damn amazing editing!” “I thought it was real until he made the goal!” “Are you hired by Hollywood already? This is so real!” 😹 [ Video @owl__kitty]

‘Caboose’ my American Ninja warrior in action!

Ninja cat breaking the rules! “Spidercat, Spidercat does whatever a spider can!” “My cat used to do this all the time, our beloved kitties are…MAD!” [ Video @caitieprosser]

When you see your ex with a new girlfriend 😙

“OMG, what has been seen cannot be unseen!” “Oh 'Angel' Bengal. You are little cute spy, you have the best little face.” [ Video @angelbengal]