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Purrfect face massage. Kitty is in heaven: kneading, purring and...twitching!

“I love the way his tiny back feet shake when your rubbing his tiny face. So cute baby.” “Look at those footsies wiggling gals.” “Gaaaah, hind legs are vibrating!” “Me when I get a massage.” 😂 “Aww I will steal your adorable kitty.” “So cute bless it.” [Video: cyXie | RD]

Double FAIL, haha • Pigeons:2 Cat:0

“We believed we could fly...” “Almost, dude, almost...” “Ninja kitties in action: brave but presumptuous.” “OK guys, at least you tried, may be the next pigeon?”

I L♥VE YOU • Cute black and white cat with a fur HEART on his chest!

“Will you be my Valentine?” [ Video @izzyandthefluff]