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“MiiiiiiNE!” When you want something that you can’t have!

“And then people ask me why I love cats so much.” “Jesus, what a savage, haha, he looks so excited about that thing.” “Look at the angry fattie.” “Never give up, try again!” [ Video @brusnika_cat]

Cute possessive kitty: funny reaction when Mom tries to steal his best friend

“Angry kitty: don't touch, MiNE!” “Yep, probably the most adorable angry kitty ever.” “Oh my God super cute  kitty 💞” “Nobody ain't touch my beloved pet.” “It’s funny but it’s the cutest kitten reaction.” “When bae doesn’t want to share her pillow with me.” 😂

“OMG kitty whatcha doing? • NO! • Don't do that!”

“OK Mom.” “Damnit, I know you're a very playful Kitty but.. can I have a little privacy, please?” “Cheap and  SEXY  cat toy.” 👌