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2 funny cats chirping at birds in sync. So cute kitties

These competitors in synchronized bird watching are fabulous! Congratulations kitties. “Well this is too cute (or two cute)” “OMG, and I thought my crazy cat was the only one that did this.” 😂 “When my mom and dad comes from out side im so excited.” [ Video @ssoroo]

Funny playful kitty wrestling a giant pink teddy bear!

Mode 'Wild bunny kicks' activated.” 👍 “Running for your life.” “What a funny cutie.” “Crazy and playful but adorable.” “A new exercise machine?” 🐾🐾 “No beast is too big for me even if it's pink!” “Haha, this looks like my fuck*ng life!” “Brave lil kitty wrestling a big bear.” [ Video @deryasalp]