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Amazing Gargoyle cat pokes head through hole in the facade!

“Meow... Meow, I'm not stuck, this is the window of my new FORT, haha!” “Funny cat. Reminds me of Disney’s haunted mansion, where the statues come to life.” “Yep, Paranormal CATivity.” “Catch me if you can.”

Amazing boneless cat doing acrobatic Yoga

“He spins in circles faster and faster like a hairball.”

Funny makeup session up for patient cat

“I'm sexy  pretty and I know it.” “When you about to roast somebody because you know you're right.” [Video:]

BOO! Funny super fast reflexes

Wait for it! “Dangerous hide and seek!” “Flying kitty.” “Don't touch me!” “CATch me if you can.” [Video: Luka Blazev]

Snuzzy kitty: “But what is that weird thing in my food ball?” (ice ball)

“Wait, do we know each other?” “Look at this fluffy little butt sitting like an human baby.”  [ Video @ricorico_rico]