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Cutest kitty walk: “Pet me please...”

“The way he licks his nose at the end makes my heart ❤️ melt.” “So tiny babt cat: imagine trying to pet his head but you just pet his entire body at once...” “Awww look how he walks it's sooo cuuute, I'm dying!”

Very pretty cat with beautiful makeup and long eyelashes

“The long eyelashes and liner are purrfect.” ♥️ “This cat is prettier than me and that’s okay.” “Eyelashes, oh my! What brand eyelashes does she use?” “Pretty ❤️ kitty: I have 2 female cats and both of them have long eyelashes like her.”

Crazy cat seriously kneading boobs: “I want fresh milk!”

“ SEXY  but at the same time funny n cute.” ❤️ “OMG my cat does the same. He goes into my armpits or my crotch to try and look for milk. Once he literally sat in my lap and put his face between boobs and looked at me with wide eyes.” “Sometimes I want to be a cat...” “Why every time I try that with bae I get my face slapped?” 😢 [ Video @gato_cats]

Funny black cat family in the bathtub judging their humans

Funny family - all together - children and parents.