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Amazing cat showing one of his best Ninja skills

That’s GREAT, cats are so pawesome! “Me avoiding humans.” “This is the kind of Ninja technique my chubby cat needs to learn.” “Poor dark cat, he's shooked: Wow WFT how’d you do that?” “I believe I can fly!” “Super fast reflexes! Catch me if you can, hahaha.” “Byyyye, see you later.” “I’m sure I’ve seen that cat in The Matrix 😂”

When your black cat is fuck*ng high on catnip!

Huge overdose...Those ears... 😂

When your crazy cat thinks he is Napoleon Bonaparte

“OK kitty, you're doing it right!”

Hey sleepy Kitty, It's your tail not your blankie, not your big mouse toy

“Look at the lil pink and black toe beans, she is so cute” [ Video @yumetannn1110]