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The dancing seagull and the ginger cat

She is wondering... 😊 "Hey, what the hell are you doing?" "CATurday night fever." [ Video @roswell_the_cat]

Aww... SUPER cute white Scottish fold kitten sadly meowing ;(

“MEOOOW, MEOOOW, what did you do with my cute ears?” 😩 “Aww, cuteness overload, I want to hug 💗 and kiss 💋 this adorable baby.” Video source: 我が家に仔猫がやって来た!【スコティッシュフォールド】 Video source: A kitten came to our house! 【Scottish Fold】 ► 😉

I love you, Bro 💕 Me too, Sis

“That is so cute feel like I’m going to explode!” “How cute and cuddly the’re. Peace and love, for sure they are in love.” “This makes me happy, thank you.” “This is how I want to sleep tonight with bae.” [ Video @riepoyonn]