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Shocked cat is fuck*ng shocked! 👀

“But...what're you doing dirty animals? Shame on you!” “ SEXY animals, so funny.” “Unacceptable! 👮 Call the Police 👮” “What Has Been Seen Cannot Be Unseen.” 👀 “Hahaha! Love is really BLIND in some cases.” ”Yep, this crazy antelope needs good glasses!” 🔍 “Animals getting crazy and freaky during a hot summer.”😂 “Interspecies ‘friendship’ at its best.” 😆

Cat domination: first, other cats...then, the World! ('If it fits I sits')

“Because there can be only one.” “HALP I’m stuck, I choke, I can’t breathe, gonna die!” “Get out of there jerk cat, you’re not supposed to sleep on this poor cat. Did you even ask him first?” “WHAT? I'm innocent, clearly, this was a suicide.” “These little monsters, no limit!”

Adorable tiny Kitten playing with Mom's hand

"My heart can’t take this much cuteness!" "So innocent, so funny and so cute Kitty" "Oh what a beautiful little kitty she sure love to play with her mama, beautiful just beautiful." "OMG! This is too cute and there are not enough hearts 💔 💖 to post as a comment." [ Video @bahadir_family]