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Ginger cat eating his breakfast in bed and doing Yoga at the same time 👍

“Yep, the epitome of eating in bed.” “Me on the weekend.” 😍 “One of the cutest things I've ever seen.” 💕 “Laziest Om Nom Nom ever.” “What a hard cat life.” 😜 “My sunday morning be like. Breakfast in bed.” “This is how I want to spend rest of my life.” “This is how Yoga class should be!”

$$$ When your cat is rich, very very rich $$$

“With my fortune I bought tons of diamonds, a gold collar, a big gold dollar sign pendant, sunglasses with diamonds and...human blue eyes !”

Funny ‘Julion’ is happy in Hashikuirock

Sun, sea and…fresh fishes: purrfect summer holidays for the funny lion cat. [ Video @_archange_]