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4 golden fishes flying in the air & a kitten chilling under water in his aquarium!

“Are you OK kitty?" “Yep. They said I could be anything so I became a fluffy white fish. What else?” “They're breaking the rules: it's the World upside down ” 👀

Cat destroyed by a pink flower on his head, haha

“cat.exe has definitively stopped working.” “Funny cat reacts to flower in most DRAMATIC way possible.” “Allergic to flowers.” 😾 “Poor guy, he can't handle a flower on his head.”

It's bath time for this clever cat 👍

“Self-bathing. Can’t knock it.” “Good thing he doesn’t pull the Hot faucet.” “What’s with cats sitting in sinks and laying still in the pouring water?” ” I thought he was gonna freak out when he turned on the water hahaha.” “Wait but is the water hot or cold?” “And that’s when he realized, the water was cold. Yet still To lazy to move! My cat would jumped the heck outta there.” [ Video @my_sweetie_cat]