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Weird Mama Cat forgot how to cat, bunny kicking he baby! 👀

“Kitten abuse? Or tough ♥ love? Its hard to tell.” “Mom is like don’t even fucking try it lil homie, you not getting anymore milk from me.” “Mom, what have I done to deserve this, I just wanted a cuddle.” “This is the feeling when you nedd to be alone but someone always want to squeeze in your side.” [ Video @风清扬]

Cinemagraph • Baby sleeping on sleepy cat wagging his tail

Purrfect warm and soft pillow, is not it? Living together in purrfect harmony ♥ “I can ear 'PURRRR', OK kitty, you're not hill.” “Cat totally relaxed just wagging his tail.”

Crazy Ninja Kitty trying to intimidate the goldfish 😄

“This is what happens when you constantly tell your young cat to leave the fish alone, but she just doesn’t want to listen to you. She hasn’t tried this again since, so I guess some “kids” really do need to learn the “hard” way!” “BONK! Kitty meets aquarium. It was the ultimate Crash Test!” [Video: Jorlzin]