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Funny cat with head in Meow Mix bag (trompe-l'œil effect)

”WHAT? It's lunch time or not? So, leave me alone...” Om Nom Nom... 😽

"Thriller kitty" gets scared of his own reflection in the mirror

"We had a cat that did this in our slider window! Hilarious." "Haha, walking on hind legs like a Zombie cat!" "Paranormal CATivity!" 😄 "Some mornings when I see myself in the mirror."

“Little nap in my comfy bed-box with my beloved 💖 Minnie”

“You look so comfy tucked there with Minnie. Enjoy your nap adorable floof.” “Aww ‘Eric’, you are just too cute! Sweet dreams.” “Wow ‘Eric’, your new pink girlfriend is very cute.” “That's a really cute encounter between a big mouse and a cool kitty.” [ Video @ eric_and_ollie_]

Funny kitten trying to catch his own harness (good luck :)

Purrfect endless game (infinite loop) [ Video @lilothehusky]