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When a brave (crazy) kitten attacks Big Bro (repetitively)

Cat : “Ninja Kitty is still behind me, isn’t it?” “Funny and Cute kitty but presumptuous and crazy kitty.” “Don’t touch me, kitty, all I need is peace and ♥ love!” “When the catnip is just a little stronger than your Kitten expected!” Adult cat: “Kid, I’m getting real tired of your sh*t, leave me alone!” “When you’re totally drunk and try to fight a stronger guy than you!” “The cutest murder machine ever. Vicious attacks” “This is not going to end well…” [ Video @mo_harutan]

Clever cat knows how to play Newton’s cradle

“What is this strange new game? ” “Honestly, I have no idea what I’m doing but it’s too hard to resist.” 😺

Brave chinchilla rat vs. fearful cat: epic fight 😂

“Never mess with a Chinchilla on steroids, haha.” “Chinchillas are fuck*ng stubborn!” “Chinchilla shows Cat how to fight without arms/paws! Amazing pets.” “Never give up, try again and again, you can win, funny Ninja Chinchilla!” [Video:]

Hey, wait, what did you expect? 😼 How old are you?

ADULT only • Prohibited for under 18s. “Nothing to see here, move along...”

Cool cat & adorable hamster are best friends

"Amazing interspecies friendship." [ Video: @yutafamily]