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Funny kitty repetitively running up slide

OK Kitty It's really hard but NEVER GIVE UP! “When your life is hard...” “Me trying to reach my goals”

Beware of BIG cat (lion)

“Yep humans, beware of him, he's my BIG Bro.” “Family is everything.” “Friends come in all shapes and sizes.“

Amazing pupil dilation + heterochromia iridis 👀

“When the catnip kicks in...” “That is so pawesome and two different colored eyes so cute” ❤️ “Tripping on some type of acid for kitties.” “When I see someone eating cookies and he doesn't want to share with me!” “The eyes are BIG so BIG. Eyes of a owl

"Funny-lazy-cute" kitty chilling on a Sunday afternoon

"SUP." "So you come here often?" [ Video @sina_heek]