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Well, kitty not quite used to the new collar yet...

“Take it off! Take it off! No collar for cats, we need freedom!” “OK it's funny but If you absolutely must put a collar on your cat, make sure it's stretchy, so the cat can easily free itself if the collar gets stuck somewhere (e.g., a branch in a tree)

Very angry fractalized cat

“I said GTFO Get The Fuck Out!”

Up and down...up and down: funny Elevator butt

Yes hooman, that’s the SPOT! 👌 “Up up up up, I call this: Elevator butt!” 😸 “All my cats do this, it's really funny.” “Oh my frickin God how cute.” “Oh my frickin God how funny.” “Oh my frickin God how  SEXY .” “I think she‘s doing yoga” 😂 “My cat used to do the “bummy” trick.” “My cat is doing that when she needs a boy friend .” 💕 “Most cats love that spot, even male cats .” 😉 [Video:  Ching-Fang Lee]

'Loki the vampurr' rubbing Mom's shoulder (affectionate kitty)

Freaking adorable that 'Loki' just thinks: "Ooohhh, I'm going to get your attention by rubbing your shoulder." "Happy owner, you can see how much she loves ♥ you." [ Video @loki_kitteh]