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Paranormal CATivity: 2 cats floating in the air, climbing up and down stairs

Cats have magic powers, so don't mess with them! 😼

Keep calm and Carpet diem 😸

“I'm  invisible, here the enemy can't see me.” “Carl you're drunk, the war is over.”

Amazing cat wagging his tail like a døg when he begs for food

“This is how my funny cat begs for our hooman food.” “That lil waggy tail is too cute!” ” Breaking the rules Mode activated.” “This is adorable! He's like a ‘ֽcat-puppy’. Please give him all the food. What a good handsome boy.” “I've always thought ► Cat tail wagging = bad, but this funny kitty legitimately wags his tail because he's...happy: just incredible!” [ Video @ dacatmeister]

“Removed my desk’s glass top: my cat was thoroughly confused

“My cat, ‘Auri’, attempted twice (this is number 2) to jump on to my desk after I removed the top of it, but she did not get it.” “WTF is that sh*t? Are you mocking me, Human, I feel I’m being mocked!” [ Video : Dana Harrison]