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Funny blue kitten dreaming and talking at same time

"I lift my right paw to heaven and solemnly swear: I’m innocent." [Video: Marylou forcats]

RUN KITTY, RUN • Crazy cats running up-down slides

 HaHaHa! They MAD! “Who need a treadmill?” ”Fast Infinite loop.”

OM NOM NOM 🍔 Black cat wants BIG cheeseburger

  I'm so hungry: DO WANT!

Crazy cat kneading the air in a weird position

And don't try to understand, It's just the ‘cat logic‘. ”He's happy with his human, nothing else.“ 😄 “ Talk to, the paw (s)” “Playing a slow Patty cake with an invisible cat.” 😏

It's easier with a little help from my friend 🐹

“A Saint cat who loves everyone, especially cute Hamster.” “Let me help you.”💕 “You need a good cat like this one. Lover of small animals, not a killer, Peace and Love.” “His eyes full of love to the hamster.” OMG, both are so adorable, a vegan kitty I presume.” ❤️ + ❤️ “Predatory instinct? Level= 0”