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Meow Mix kitty has magic powers

  “Don't bother him when he's eating.” “Funny little nose” 😺

NO DØGS • NO, not even little ones!

“OK? 😾 Do you understand, little b*tch?”

“Desperate kitty: please let me go human, I wanna be free.”

"HAAALP, I wanna be free, gonna make a jail break!" “So adorable, I can’t stop watching the little kitty meowing. Can I adopt that kitten please?!” “That poor kitty was like: Noooooes…I was almost free!” “I see amazon is delivering kittens now in Japan! Probably free delivery with Prime and they come with their own bed, haha.” “Look at his adorable tiny (and sad) face.” [Video: MAKO0MAKO0]

Cutest Cat Nursery: 2 Mama cats breastfeeding...8 kitties!

  “Large family = > Happy family.” 💕 💕 💕 💕 “So precious cat family.” “These cats are the real fabulous family with their kittens members.”

Epic fight for a piece of fresh meat

“Mine!… No…Mine!! Nope…Mine!!!” “The struggle is real, but... There can be only one!” [Video: lugman]