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Cute and funny standing kitty dancing on bed 😻

“OMG! OMG! The blanket monster is back! I’m gonna get it!” “So cute, so fluffy and so funny: so purrfect kitty.” “Seriously, can anything be more cuter 💞 and funnier than this adorable cat?“ [ Video @oksu_munchkin]

Beautiful cat pouncing like a wild tiger (slow motion)

“How dare these two cats be so gorgeous! And the blue/silver as well, stunning colors.” “Woah, such amazing cats. This slow motion really shoes the strength and agility of these animals.” “He looks like how I imagined Firestar from warrior cats.” “Gorgeous cat beautiful eyes.” “Those are the most beautiful cats I've ever seen IN MY ENTIRE LIFEEEEEE.” “I’m glad I’m not the only one who gave up getting the cats off the counter.” 😆 “So much intensity in that face!” [ Video]

Adopt a young kitty they said, they're so cute they said 😩

“I told you this is my bread: MIIIINNNNEEEE!” “Me when Moms tells me to stop eating bread.” “I love you my bread and I'll protect you.” “There’s always that one in the family 😹 “ Meanwhile in Russia , cats eat fresh bread and humans food!” 😂 “Poor guy, he must be very hungry, hahaha” [Video @alexor_and_arwen]

Arrogant cat is arrogant, sticking his tongue out 😛

“WHAT arrogant?  Tell me why girls stick their tongue out on selfies? And Miley Cirus? Bad girls!” Previously "Na-Na-Na-Na! This is MY box!"